Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Jotter: September 09

Via PD Smith, an enormous archive of old Pathe footage. Scraps of old film on all subjects including Richard Seifert, Tokyo in 1948 (for David Peace fans), Cardiff's proposed comprehensive redevelopment, Fire testing in tower blocks, and Glasgow's millionth new home.

Voyage to the amazing Plastic Island.

Telegraph codes, stand-in words used to cut telegram costs. The system is fascinating - mostly for the definitions. Via MeFi.

Twenty book reviewer cliches. I'm guilty of at least half of these at one time or another, I'd I'd be interested in meeting the reviewer who isn't. Nevertheless, it's a good list of words to avoid.

Faux Panels followed me on Twitter. It's amazing stuff.

Even web 2.0 needs pen and paper.

A post by William Drenttel on the new-look Design Observer kicks off a sprawling debate about the rights and wrongs of Rem Koolhaas. What to make of Rem Koolhaas? A post for another day. In the meantime, Things asks if the CCTV building is based on pornographic imagery.

Brilliant microbudget Mexican sci-fi. “What you are about to see, Commander, is the most advanced in Modern Technology ...” (All via the Twitter feed of Mario Ballesteros, who has a wonderful blog. Have a look at these extraordinary churches, for instance.)

Tokyo's Narita airport has been hobbled by recalcitrant farmers. The aerial photographs of the airport - with truncated runways and taxiways diverted around irregular plots of land - are surreal. The Forbes article about "nail houses" made me think of the chapel of what was the Middlesex hospital, now isolated in the middle of the Middlesex's cleared site.

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