Friday, 31 August 2012

Joining the paperback club

Care of Wooden Floors officially came out in paperback in the UK yesterday, although it's been on the shelves in a few places for a few days and might take a day or two to filter through everywhere. It's part of the Waterstones Book Club this autumn, which means you can get it there for a substantial discount and if you don't like it they'll give you your money back. So, a pretty enticing offer, but it's available from all good retailers, be they your friendly local indie bookseller, affable railway terminal stationer or hail-fellow-well-met internet retail colossus. 

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Leslie Hawes said...

Just finished reading Care of Wooden Floors, hardcover. I checked it out of the local library (Tucson Arizona US). Picked it up off the shelf, read the jacket blurb, and thought, "Why not? Spilled wine, cats...what could possibly go wrong?"
What a fantastic read! Satisfying. Rich. I 'was' the character. I squirmed. I over-thought right along with him. I kept wondering, how in the world was this going to resolve?
Thanks so much for putting words to paper. Thoroughly enjoyed the book. Bravo.