Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Jotter: July 09

Ross Racine's fantasy suburb art. (Via Mefi.) See also Hubert Blanz's runway art (via Pruned), and the work of Neil Montier. Me on Neil Montier.

Good magazine's amazing photos of the LA Freeways: Traffic!

How to spot a phoney review.

K-Punk quotes Greil Marcus and Ian Penman on Michael Jackson, to powerful effect.

Industrial Span, Dead Cars, Burnout, Roadside Memorials - beautiful, evocative films by Ashley Perry.

Isometric Hong Kong map with a SimCity aesthetic - amazing. Via Bezoar.

Flood destroys road in minutes. Building in Shanghai falls over, lies on side remarkably intact.

Functional topiary.

Carnivores! Keep being awesome!

Viz's Top Tips is on Twitter.

Email patterns within organisations can predict disaster.

Sri Lanka arrests astrologer for political prophecy. Which is basically what I researched for my undergraduate dissertation, only in medieval England, not in Sri Lanka. Dangerous business, political prophecy.

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