Sunday, 2 August 2009

Jotter: August 09

Alexander Trevi indulges in an entertaining riff on Thanet Earth, drawing on some of the Guardian's coverage and an old piece by me.

Beautiful 1960s Czech collage illustrations for HG Wells' First Men in the Moon. Via the Twitter feed of PD Smith. In a similar vein, some amazing woodcuts on Bibliodyssey. Also via Bibliodyssey, Brodsky & Utkin - fantastical megacities and structures.

Suburban layouts. From the comments on this post on Sit Down Man. City road networks grow like biological systems. Field guide to freeway interchanges.

Should Roadside Memorials be Banned? (Via Pruned.)

The "Great Fire of Soho". London by photo locations - beautiful map.

The Loss of a Thousand Years: Istanbul erases the world's oldest permanent Gypsy neighbourhood. Building demolition goes very badly wrong in Turkey - the building rolls over onto its roof rather than collapsing. (Via Metafilter.)

Rivers of Trash - extraordinary photography of waterways choked with rubbish. "There are poor neighborhoods with so much trash covering their waterways that rats can run across it – as well as the cats that chase them." The solution to this problem is ... to move nearby so that they sit three metres from the river bank. Sorted.

Skymall product reviews. The horror, the horror. Via Mefi.

The architecture of Mega-City One, and Nemesis. Via Mefi.

Dark Doings - slightly NSFW photography/mixed media art. Via Boing Boing.

Google and the End of Wisdom.

Sound and light art projected onto buildings by Kit Webster. St John Street notes, not dissimilar to the whiteboard system of communication that for a time obsessed me and Sizemore.

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