Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Hydroponics and Parasites

Issues 071 to 073 of Icon have gone online, completing our mammoth archiving effort and bringing the website pretty much up to date.

On the craze for urban farming (as mentioned here): "Something unbelievable has happened - farming has become fashionable", Icon 072, June 2009

"Parasite products aren't products themselves - they only become useful when they save something from becoming waste, or extend the life of something that might otherwise be thrown away. As a typology, parasite products form the central part of a new way of thinking about design, which we could call 'guilty design' - design that tries not to add an unnecessary new product." - "Guilty Design", Icon 073, July 2009

Some reviews: Sophie Lovell's timely Limited Edition, Zack Snyder's bombastic Watchmen, Owen Hatherley's refreshing Militant Modernism, Franco Clivio's eccentric Hidden Forms.

Some Icons of the Month: Muzak, JG Ballard. I consider the Muzak piece to be a companion to my earlier IOTM on Holiday Inn, continuing an interest in non-places. While I was writing it, I heard that Ballard had died.

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