Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A Cover for COWF

Care of Wooden Floors now has a cover:

I'm hugely pleased with this. It was designed by Jo Walker at HarperPress, and I was fortunate enough to be allowed along for part of the process, making up the lettering in Mr Smith's letterpress workshop.

Making up the type.

The type on a galley, about to be transferred to the press. All these years in magazine journalism we've talked about "galleys" meaning proofs that haven't yet been laid out, but this is a galley in the original sense - a metal tray for carrying type.

Making an impression from the type.

Spot the deliberate mistake. It's actually pretty hard to proofread when everything is upside-down and backwards.

Jo inspecting her handiwork. Thanks, Jo!

There's a full set of images up on my Flickr stream, and some videos were made of the process - hopefully those will be online soon too.

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