Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A Letting Go

Lahontan Dam spillway, Newlands Project, Nevada, 1922. Image source.
"Writers often forget what they have written, since the act of writing is a letting go of a piece of one's mind, and so an erasure." -- Gore Vidal, "Montaigne", 1992
A spillway is a channel that carries water out of a dammed lake or reservoir to prevent it overflowing. I liked it as a way of describing a blog dealing with surplus writing that doesn't have an immediate application.

This blog will ultimately amount to three things:
  1. An outlet for work that doesn't have anywhere else to go.
  2. An index to my professional work, possibly with expanded versions, notes, "bonus material", references and sources.
  3. A noticeboard for updates about my creative writing.
Plus, some photographs.

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